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While there is a ton of public data out there, a lot of it can be messy. It can be overwhelming to know where to begin when you're searching for your next data-driven story. The database on this site features hand-curated lists of public datasets focused on transportation data from across the United States. We hope you can use this resource to help with discovering a story and as a jumping off point for your newsroom projects.

This site was unveiled on Feb. 13, 2015, as part of our conference, "Data Driven: Coding and Writing Transportation's Future."

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This site is brought to you by the Stanford Journalism Program's Computational Journalism Lab, the Revs Program at Stanford and CARS, The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford.

About Stanford Journalism

The data-focused Stanford Journalism Program's new Stanford Computational Journalism Lab is focused on developing tools that will help lower the costs for journalists to discover stories.

About Revs Program at Stanford

The Revs Program at Stanford is focused on forging new scholarship and student experiences around the past, present and future of the automobile.

About CARS

The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford links industry and academia around the future of the automobile and personal mobility.


Database by

  • Dan Nguyen - Hearst Professional in Residence, Stanford Journalism Program
  • with
  • Peter Johnson - Stanford Communication BA '15
  • Vignesh Ramachandran - Program Administrator, Stanford Journalism Program

Tableau visualizations by

  • Dash Davidson - Data Analyst, Tableau
  • with
  • Cheryl Phillips - Hearst Professional in Residence, Stanford Journalism Program

Special thanks to

  • Ben Jones - Director of Product Marketing, Tableau
  • James T. Hamilton - Director, Stanford Journalism Program
  • Reilly P. Brennan - Executive Director, Revs Program at Stanford
  • Adele Tanaka - Program Manager, Revs Program at Stanford